About WebSpam

May 23, 2007

What is WebSpam actually? according to techweb, WebSpam is “Web pages comprised of advertisements and links to other Web sites that contain mostly ads. The pages may pretend to provide assistance or facts about a particular subject, but the help is often meaningless and the information shallow …

Now, we know WebSpam could be annoying and even sometimes endanger your PC (maybe it’ll force you to download malicious softwares or any others). There are many ways for webmasters (in this case, we call them as spammers) to trick search engine robot to get traffics for their site. Such as:

  • Keyword stuffing + Hidden Text or Hidden Links
    Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords on a page. It can be done by spammers by hiding out some text, using javascript to hide it, or maybe by putting it into area that visitor doesn’t realize (For example, in the corner of the page, or using very tiny text that is difficult to see, etc).
  • Use of 100% frame pages
    See the URL of the frame, is it the correct site? If it isn’t, it could be considered as a spam page.
  • Sneaky redirects
    Spammers sometimes redirect users to a different domain. You will notice that the URL you click, is different from URL you want to open. Watch the address bar carefully. Try to disable and enable JavaScript on your browser, and see the differences.
  • Pages with PPC (Pay-per-click) Ads only
    Zero information of this kind of pages

Use your bandwidth wisely

May 22, 2007

Since connected to the Internet via DSL with limited quota bandwidth 1 GB per month, I try to use my bandwidth wisely. 1 GB per month for some people (including me who like to download movies or else) is very small quota. That’s why I have to hold my desire to download any of files that can cause exceeding in size quota bandwidth.

Couple ways to limit your bandwidth from your browser :

  • Don’t load images, unless the images are essential for the site, or, that you have to view and search the images.
  • Don’t load javascript. Some webmasters use javascript to load images, advertisement or anything else they want. If javascript isn’t essential for the site, disable it.
  • For Mozilla users, use plugins to block unwanted ads, scripts, or else. I use AdBlock Plus and No Script for this purpose.
  • Stop loading page if you have found your interest.
  • If you have another PC, use it as cache proxy server. A cache proxy server can save more of your bandwidth by caching the image, flash / animation, or any files that you want .
  • Monitor your bandwidth using Download / Upload monitor applications. There’s a lot of them out there.
  • Of course, no one can control your bandwidth except yourself. So, you have to be wise using your bandwidth

If you have other ways beside what i’ve already mentioned above, please inform me. I’ll be very thankful for your kindness.

FAQ task

May 20, 2007

I have a task, for recruitment process purpose, to make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). For the backend html editor, i chose FCK Editor. Thanks to Fedy and Mawan (of course, also Running Turtle) for helping me doing this task. The idea is simple, the company (especially an IT division) don’t want to support repeatedly each division for doing troubleshoot. They (the divisions) have to read guidelines for troubleshoot, before making a contact with IT staff. This guidelines often called FAQ. In the other hand, an IT staff should ease to manage, post, and edit FAQ. That’s why they wanted a backend system to do that.

In about 10 days (ended on Friday, May 25) I have to finish the task to make a good impression for my prospective company. I’ll do my best to do it. Ganbatte ne!!

MU lost on FA cup

May 20, 2007

Eventhough MU have a premier league title on their hand, I’m still disappointed of their lost on FA cup final. It was tight game, with controversial-decision referee. Maybe it’d become different result if Giggs’s goal wasn’t canceled by Steve Bennet. TV’s replays showed the ball had crossed the line as Cech clutched it to his body. In my point of view, Bennet should have two decision to make, give Chelsea a free kick, or give United a goal. But he didn’t choose both of them.

Nevertheless, Chelsea proved that their has determination to win the game. Drogba’s goal had divide two side on different feelings. Chelsea must’ve enjoyed that win, in the other hands, United fans could not hide their broken heart. Maybe next year, United will be able repeat their treble winner as they did in 1999. Hope so.

Never too late

May 20, 2007

Yap, it’s never too late to start something new. Blogging is something new for me, eventhough i have known already since 2005. Start a new thing sometimes very difficult. But like Linkin Park said in their lyrics, ‘I have to break my habit’, and begin writing for my own purposes, or maybe for other people who read my post.

I will post my blog in English, aimed to improve my English skill. Sorry wheter sometimes I’ll have mistakes in spelling, phrase, or else in my posts. Please kind to inform me the correction. I will be very thankful.

Let’s begin now !!!